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Italy’s Ando Talks About Influences

Filmmaker Roberto Ando is one of Italy’s most distinguished artists. A Sicilian by birth, his work, in both cinema and literature, is influenced by his associations with the great novelist Leonardo Sciascia and the movie director Francesco Rosi, among others.

His latest movie, the comedy “Viva La Liberta” (“Long Live Liberty”), which is based on his novel “Il Trono Vuoto” (“The Empty Throne”), recounts the story of a politician who, slipping from power, flees the country and is replaced by his twin. The film will be screened at 7 p.m. Friday at the Sottile Theatre, part of the Nuovo Cinema Italiano Film Festival.

Ando will be in attendance.In anticipation of his visit, The Post and Courier asked him about his work.

Source: Italy’s Ando talks about influences | Arts and Travel |

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