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Simone Brioni

Screenwriter - Maka

Simone Brioni
Simone Brioni

Simone Brioni is Associate Professor in the Department of English at Stony Brook University. His research focuses on the legacy and memory of Italian colonialism and on the literary and cinematic representation and self-representation of migrants.

On these topics, he wrote four documentaries: The Fourth Road (2009; with/about Kaha Mohamed Aden), Aulò (2009; with/about Ribka Sibhatu), Maka (2023; with/about Geneviève Makaping) and Beyond the Frame (2023).

Publications in this area include The Somali Within (2015), Scrivere di Islam (co-authored with Shirin Ramzanali Fazel, 2020), The Horn of Africa and Italy (co-edited with Shimelis Bonsa Gulema, 2018), L’Italia, l’altrove (2022), and Creatività diasporiche (co-edited with Loredana Polezzi and Franca Sinopoli, 2023).

He is currently editing an artist’s book inspired by Suranga Katugampala’s new film, Still Here.

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