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Roberto D’Avascio

Director, Arci Movie - Ammore e malavita, Ferrante Fever, Gatta Cenerentola, Napoli velata

Roberto D’Avascio
Roberto D’Avascio

Roberto D’Avascio is President of Arci Movie, an important association of social and cinematographic promotion based in Naples. Moreover he is the curator of film festivals, school film club and summer film festivals, curating a single-subject exhibition about Ferzan Ozpetek for the San Carlo Theater in Naples (2012) and one about Francesco Rosi for Napoli Teatro Festival Italia (2018).

He teaches cinema in the schools of the eastern suburbs and in the Poggioreale prison of Naples. He is member of FILMaP, a documentary school of cinema based in Ponticelli, the eastern  area of Naples, producing young authors’ operas. He collaborated with the International exhibitions “Venezia a Napoli. Il Cinema Esteso” and Festival del Diritti Umani di Napoli.

He teaches English Literature at the University of Naples “L’Orientale” and Theater History at the University of Salerno.

His major fields of research are the XVII century English drama (in 2011 the monograph La scena crudele: performance dell’eccesso nel teatro di John Ford has been published by Liguori); the contemporary theater (Teatro Match: il teatro come non l’avete mai letto has been published by Iemme in 2015); cinema and media education (Media Education: esperienze di promozione della cultura cinematografica nella scuola italiana published by UCCA in 2010).

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