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Lidia Vitale


Lidia Vitale
Lidia Vitale

Featured Film(s): Tulipani: amore, onore e una bicicletta

Lidia Vitale was born in Rome and has worked as an actress in theater and cinema. Her latest film is “Tulipani: Love, Honour, and a Bicycle,” directed by Mike van Diem and featured at this year’s festival. She is also known for her roles in “The Dinner” (2014), “Love & Slaps” (2010), “The Best of Youth” (2003) and many other films.

She created a one-woman show, “Solo Anna,” about the life of famed Italian actress Anna Magnani, and has also directed and produced. Her latest project, “Between Brothers,” is a short film she directed featuring her daughter Blu Yoshimi, who was a guest of the film festival in 2017.

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