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Lello Esposito

Jury Award Artist

Lello Esposito
Lello Esposito

A sculptor and painter, Lello Esposito focuses on the city of Naples and its symbols – Pulcinella, the mask, the egg, the skull, the volcano, San Gennaro and the horn – in their various stages of metamorphosis.

Over a period of time he has been able to experiment with sculpture and painting and evolved different meanings, dimensions and artistic techniques. He uses various types of materials – bronze and aluminum – for his sculptures and installations – and paints large canvases.

Lello Esposito likes to call himself a “cult artist” because of his work on the archetypes and symbols of the city and cultural imagination that come to the surface from below, are restored and take on new forms and representations thus making a significant contribution to the new interpretations of tradition that are essential to all new forms of artistic and cultural experimentation.

He has combined an all-embracing passion for art and Naples to become an emblematic artist with his own unique style.
His work is well known throughout Italy and abroad where he participated to a number of exhibitions.

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