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Giovanna Gagliardo

Director - Good Morning Tel Aviv

Giovanna Gagliardo
Giovanna Gagliardo

Giovanna Gagliardo began her professional career as a journalist, editing for the Roman office of Il Giorno. For many years, she collaborated with the Third Page of Il Messaggero. In the 1980s, she continued to collaborate with the cultural pages of La Repubblica, and later with L’Espresso.

At the same time, she began her work as a screenwriter in television with the series La vita è romanzo (telefilm ispirati a fatti di cronaca) for which she took care of both the journalistic research and the drafting of the scripts. In cinema, she began as co-writer for L’amica by Alberto Lattuada. Together with Raffaele La Capria and Nelo Risi, she co-wrote the film inspired by the African life of the poet Rimbaud: Una stagione all’inferno.

She frequently collaborated and assisted Hungarian director Miklos Jancsò, and is the screenwriter for all his Italian films: La Pacifista, La Tecnica e il Rito, Roma rivuole Cesare, Vizi privati pubbliche virtù, and The Tyrant’s Heart (co-written with Gyula Hernadi).

Her first film, Maternale, starring Carla Gravina is from 1978.

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