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Peso Morto

Dead Weight

English Title: Dead Weight
Director(s): Francesco Del Grosso
Writer(s): Francesco Del Grosso, Benedetto Lattanzi, Valentino Maimone
Starring: Angelo Massaro, Patrizia Macripò, Annamaria Antonucci, Domenico Margherita, Domenico Morrone, Angela Paravati, Claudio Gagliardi, Don Giorgio Pilò, Antonio Massaro, Andrea Porciello, Salvatore Maggio, Salvatore Staiano, Vittorio Ricapito, Piero Conte, Valentino Maimone, Benedetto Lattanzi, Luca Lupària Donati
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 87 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: Italian with English subtitles

Featured Guest(s): Francesco Del Grosso

Twenty-one years: that’s how long Angelo Massaro spent under lock and key before he was found innocent of a crime he never committed. His was one of the most glaring miscarriages of justice that has ever occurred in Italy.

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