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1938 – Diversi (2018)

1938 - Different

Director(s): Giorgio Treves
Writer(s): Luca Scivoletto, Giorgio Treves
Starring: Alessandro Federico, Roberto Herlitzka, Stefania Rocca
Duration: 62 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: Italian with English subtitles

1938 – 2018: Marks the eighty years anniversary of the promulgation of the Fascist Racial Laws: This still represents an important and very current subject. Eighty years ago, the Italian people who were not traditionally anti-Semitic, were pushed by the fascist propaganda into accepting the persecution of a minority, which had been living peacefully in Italy for centuries. How was all this possible?

How much do we really know today of that historical movement? This documentary wants to tell what the implementation of those laws meant for Italian Jews, and how the Jewish and non-Jewish population experienced racism and persecution.

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