About the Festival • Nuovo Cinema Italiano Film Festival

About the Festival

Information about the annual film festival

The Nuovo Cinema Italiano Film Festival at the College of Charleston is in its twelfth edition. The recurring success of this annual event is based on growing public interest and sponsored by local Italian based companies with the support from the stellar restaurants and world class chefs that have made Charleston an unrivaled culinary destination.

About the Festival

The festival is the brainchild of Giovanna De Luca, a professor in the Italian Studies Program at the College of Charleston.


Our mission is to showcase the best in contemporary Italian cinema, giving filmmakers an opportunity to shine and audiences a chance to see past the familiar sites and into the heart of Italy.

Community Support

We are privileged to receive generous support from the College of Charleston, international, national and local businesses and organizations, private foundations. These donors make the festival possible and we are very grateful. Our biggest thanks is reserved for you, our enthusiastic audience, who make this great fun.

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